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The Streetmix Guidebook is a work in progress. Follow us for announcements and updates to the Guidebook!

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Streetmix for professional publications or presentations?

Yes, absolutely! Use Streetmix however you like, but please provide credit.

What is the license for using Streetmix?

Streetmix has two licenses: the software uses the BSD license, while the content uses a Creative Commons license. One or both of these might apply, depending on your situation, and gives you some essential rights for using Streetmix in your projects without having to ask us specifically for permission.

The BSD license is an open-source software license, which means anyone is free to copy, modify, and reuse the original codebase, as long as the copyright remains with its original copyright holder, Code for America.

The Creative Commons license governs any of the content in Streetmix, like text or imagery, as well as any imagery created by users of Streetmix. It allows you to modify and republish anything you make in Streetmix as long as you provide attribution to Streetmix and don't prevent others from having the same rights to reuse and republish your Streetmix-created content.

That is a basic overview of what those licenses mean in general. For more information about other requirements of the licenses, and how those may apply to your specific usage situation, please refer to the license text itself or consult with a qualified legal advisor (which we are not!).

How do I provide credit for Streetmix?

We have a very flexible attribution requirement, in the spirit of the "free culture" movement. In most cases, when you reuse or republish Streetmix content, you only need to mention:

  • That you created the imagery in Streetmix
  • That the imagery is licensed under Creative Commons (or include the BSD License, if reusing code)
  • And where possible (e.g. on a website) provide a link to Streetmix (

Can I copy the Streetmix code and set up my own version?

You sure can. Please refer to the project repository README for installation steps. This requires quite a bit of technical know-how, so please have the right professionals handle that for you.

Does Streetmix support Internet Explorer?

Streetmix has limited support for Internet Explorer 11 and will not work on earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

Because Streetmix has a unique interface and functionality, we've developed it with some of the most recent web technology in mind. We support Microsoft's latest browser Edge as well as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

How do you set the right-of-way width? Is there a way to lock pieces in place? How do you prevent users from going outside the lines?

When we designed Streetmix, we had two goals in mind: to focus on an average user who might not be fully aware of all the fixed constraints of street design, and to enable users to be as creative as possible. As a result, we decided not complicate the user interface with setbacks or right-of-way dimensions, focusing instead on space between buildings, which is what people experience every day.

In addition, we believe that engagement is most empowering when users are educated about constraints and given the opportunity to respond to them, rather than be artificially restricted from performing certain actions. Constraints are only truly constraints in the real world, after all. And allowing users to have freedom of expression can bring out new, transformative ideas.

Can you add a feature?

We'll see! Drop us a line at with your ideas. While we can't respond to all requests, we do read and consider all user suggestions to help prioritize and shape the evolution of Streetmix.