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The Streetmix Guidebook is a work in progress. Follow us for announcements and updates to the Guidebook!

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Street segments

NOTE: We are doing this in Coda, behind the scenes for now. We'll create public facing documentation for this later.

You might be wondering why we decided to set the guidelines that we did for Streetmix segments, especially if those guidelines don't match your local regulations or are appropriate in your neighborhood. It's true that nothing we can do can possibly account for the variability in different regulations and contexts everywhere in the world. So, even though we do as much research as we possibly can, we have to make some decisions. These decisions tend to be USA-centric (which is not ideal), and can represent the opinions and desires of our team or other transportation planners we happen to agree with, even if they're not the letter of the law. There's also a little bit of game-design balance in there: can we "tweak" the rules a bit to encourage some behavior over others?

These decisions are documented and shall evolve over time as we learn more, or as planning priorities change. (For instance: we may decide to adopt guidance specifically to support certain progressive outcomes, like Vision Zero.)

This documentation is in a public Google Doc. Anyone may view and add comments to this document, so please let us know what you think.

We're porting stuff here, intermediary table of contents.

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